Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From sunrise to sunset: Prologue

India is not a small country by any standards. When you are talking about traversing the width of India from the east coast to the west, in a heavily populated nation like ours, it is more variety than anyone can stomach. Fortunately we are here to discuss only two varieties of consequence today. One is the Gujarati variety that originated in the west of India and have since has thrived around the whole of India, and the Bengali variety that has originated on the east of India and has done likewise. And those are the parties involved in another Roy family marriage spectacular, the marriage of my very own cute but exasperatingly domineering sister called Riti/Chadni. On why it took me this long to get going, please consult the paragraph "About me" to the right of this blog. Suffice to say that I have at least begun and barring another severe attack of laziness, I hope to wind it up too within a few short episodes.
Like I said, you would have to follow the sun across India as it shone down upon my sleepy eyes in Calcutta to the curiously blue Arabian Sea near Dwarka where the story ends to be able to follow this marriage. A love story spanning exams, cities and states awaits the attention of my keyboard. In starring roles apart from the guilty couple of Abhijeet and my sister are good samaritans like Dada's buddy, Shiladitya and Rahul, my college buddy who shouldered the burden of a sister's marriage pretty handsomely. I, in the meantime, had a jolly good time putting my already specialized outsourcing skills to good use. I was always there for the photo-ops but that's about it. Marriages are always epic occasions and great fodder for the casual, observant mind. Before I begin, a big thanks to everybody involved for helping me to slip through the one marriage I was really supposed to work for, in a similar fashion.

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