Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Orkut or not to Orkut...

My Orkut profile is a strange beast. When it started off, it was a beehive of activity. Friends being added by the dozen, the his and hellos flying across like bullets in the trenches of war time Europe. I hardly got time to work on my "About me" section since I had first filled it in while joining Orkut. It remains that way to date, not because I was being too lazy (for a change) but because I fail to see how it matters! I don't add any person I don't know and for those that I know, the big picture of me up front should do the trick. Nevertheless in an aborted attempt to be 'kewl', I did spend some time over what I would want to put there and figured that it should stay as it is, considering the megalomaniacal alternatives that sprung to mind. You see it was very convenient for me too.

Then came the phase of a tremendous lull, when I, a regular offender in the time-wasted-at-cyber-cafes crime gallery invaded every friend's profile asking them soul searching questions like "Hey bro, what's up?" or "Where are you nowadays?". Politeness being the fault of a few of them, the equally dry answers came crawling back across the Internet. That is kept a little blood throbbing in the veins of my Orkut account. But this stage managed piece of gregariousness couldn't be sustained for long. How well and long could I act so interested in everybody else's lives? After all, they were just as boring as mine and they had realized the truth earlier therefore ceasing to discuss it at all. I guess that's what they call becoming old. When you lose interest in everything but your own complicated life and that interest is only a necessity born out of the need to survive.

Now there is the new spurt of life on the social networking horizon, even though it should be called old by the lightning fast timelines of the Internet. People are randomly slapping each other, 'crapping' on each other (210 kg proclaims a proud participant), linking to the madness of YouTube and a variety of other ways to keep themselves occupied after office. I am playing this game too with intense focus as if it is the only thing that'll make my life an explosion of delight. I get heart warming comments like "Great videos!", "Nice pics! Looks like you are really fat nowadays" and more on those lines. Do they make the sun shine brighter on a gloomy day? Does the gleaming set of teeth on display in the profile photos really convey the present sentiments of the owner? Who knows and why should I really lose my sleep over it? This is a game is played by everyone and has only one tangible and rhetorical rule. Play because you have to!

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