Monday, September 8, 2008

And I try, and I try...

I find myself in this kind of a bind all too frequently. It's been a week since I returned from my first visit to California and my first glimpse of the Pacific. My head is swimming with images from that trip, my ears have recorded the unique soundscapes and my fingers are literally swelling with all the tales that they want to type out. 

But that's where the problem lies. I'll probably need another blog just to get down everything I want to about San Francisco and California. It's always like that for me when I return from any place that has long been on my wishlist and has now swamped my senses. It was like this for Benares too when I returned with a thousand vivid situations for my writing to exploit and all I have on record is a single paragraph for my blog. A similar task beckons tantalisingly again and I find myself overwhelmed once more by the magnitude of what awaits me. As I psyche myself upto the point when I actually write something about what has been the best trip of my life, make do with the extended album of images from the link below!

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