Monday, September 15, 2008

The thinly veiled secret to happiness

I have been trying to figure it out for a very long time. I work the same job as my pals and don't bitch about my low salary, poor annual rating or the lack of growth opportunity in the company. I live in the city as my pals and don't whine about how lifeless a city it is and about how all the hot chicks are in either Delhi or Bombay or about how the other guys are really having a rocking time in Bangalore. Basically I live the same life as theirs yet I find no sincere need to cringe about what I have even though admittedly it is not a lot!

I put it down to one and one reason alone. In spite of my tall claims about how I thirst for change, about how much I love travel and writing and adventure, there is only one thing that I truly love. And that is pure, undisturbed sleep. With my US posting and a tiny apartment all to myself, I find myself indulging in this passion even more deeply. When I am sleepy, I don't even care what kind of a bed I am sleeping on or where it is located. All I care for a pillow. Yeah, I don't even need a mattress. I spent months sleeping on a wooden board with my pet pillow in my hostel days just because some considerate friend of mine had puked on my bed-sheet after drunken revelries and I wasn't driven enough to get it washed. The only thing that I need for a good night's sleep apart from a pillow is a filled stomach. Food content is immaterial as long as it is edible. And that is all the work I really need to do.

So there you have it, the secret to instant contentment. Learn to love your sleep more than anything else and do just about enough to keep your stomach filled. The latter part also shouldn't be too strenuous if yours is the only stomach you are taking the responsibility of! All right folks, I hear ya shouting loud and clear, "What a LOOOSSERRRR!!" [:-D]

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