Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali again!!!

It's been a rather quick year. On Diwali last year, I was hunched up in the cyber cafe on my street in Calcutta and a year later I am in a studio apartment in the USA 12500 kilometres away. It's really quiet and dark outside. No lights outside houses or the boom of crackers in this part of the world unless it's Christmas or the 4th of July. Circumstances couldn't have been more different and the only thing in common is that I am trying to muster something up for my blog.

Yeah, I miss home on days like this! A day which is very important as a symbol of hope and a new beginning for us, but just another lonely night for every other country. It's not that I celebrated Diwali with full gusto every year. In fact, haven't done so for a number of years. But here in a land so far away, it's difficult to relate to even the memories. It feels like that it is stories of someone else's past that I am watching on a giant movie screen. That is not too bad a experience though. The stories run like Christmas movies which despite all the travails in between end on a note of incredible cheerfulness.


Kunnu said...

Last to Last Diwali..I was in office..
Last Diwali, I was doing the rounds of one of the malls in bangalore with friends(suri, chidi,felix,psycho)....
This diwali..alone in the room!!
cant get worse....huhh..
Happy Diwali anyway...Let the crackers explode in your imagination..... :)

Beanie said...

HAHA....Last Diwali, I was in bangalore, and this time too.... It's not 12500 kms from my home, but that doesn't matter. I am still away from home, and I miss my family.

Happy Diwali by the way..