Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I am a believer"

"I am a believer. I believe that there is no point in thinking different because every new idea possible has already been thought of. Of course, there is no sense in going off the beaten path. Is everyone else a fool to stick to what has already been proven to work? Why take a risk when it is known that by playing safe, a life of peace and comfort is ensured. When others say that something is not practical, they must be correct. Surely they know more about you than you yourself do by virtue of being around longer. Passion will not feed a hungry stomach they say and the taste of adventure will turn bitter as soon as you step outside the comfy confines of regularity. Walk with the masses because there is safety in numbers. The restlessness bred by familiarity is only an incitement for you to step into the mine-field of uncertainty and depression that a 'unconventional' career is. Smother your dreams under the very pillow that you envision them on. Don't try to fix what ain't broke."

Read that aloud and tell me if you've ever sounded more stupid to yourself. In case, you are still having difficulty in putting enough faith in your castle-in-the-air ideas, give it one more go "I am a believer..."


Kunnu said...

Have I read that somewhere else?

Is it your own creation? If yes, that was great..

If not, it was great too!!

By the way..when are you coming back?

Roy said...

To Q-1: I hope not!

To last Q: I'll be back on 25th January.

ingit said...

Request for permission: Can i hang that up on my wall, for future inspiration. I promise they will be for my and my eyes only.

Lol. Great post!!

Roy said...

Your call... Soon folks will be giving you Shiv Khera books as a b'day gift! [;D]