Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Enteyendo un poco de Espanyol

I am finally putting my 2 year old I-Pod to good use. Had bought myself a bunch of "Learn Spanish" weeks ago which I have finally started listening to using Steve Job's incredible tool of cool. The title BTW means "I understand a little of Spanish." My first brush with a foreign language was with Japanese, of which we had some rudimentary training for 2 months at my workplace orientation classes. I could not retain too much beyond "Hajimashite"(Good morning) and "Biiru o nomitai" (Want to drink beer?) but it was awesome, unabashed fun.

As I garble and mispronounce my way through my Senoras and Mooee Biens, it's a forgotten pleasure to be re-experienced. Since childhood was over and done with, the opportunity to make mistakes and be granted some sort of leniency on making them is so difficult to come by. Learning a foreign language gives me that freedom, to be able to laugh and take my mistakes as inconsequential as I try to master something that I have had very little foundation on. It's my little playground complete with slides and swings, and a stone turtle in the otherwise cramped urban ghetto of my mind. And if this play time in the sun could lead to practical use if and when I visit South America (particularly Machu Pichu and the Easter Islands) at some point in my life, what game could be more ideal!

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