Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clear cut

Today seems like a good day to make this argument. 36 years old and as superhuman as ever, the little genius from Bombay worked his magic again in the most artistic and epic sport that human beings have ever thought up. The blade twirled, the boundary boards got smacked and one man did his job of playing exhilirating cricket with a casual air only a few blessed cricketers of his level can. It was the turn of the Sri Lankans to feel the heat this time but they ought to feel special at being chosen for this particular extempore. That is the primary basis of my claim that India is better than the US. It's just two reasons and they are reason enough for me.

Number one is that the US does not appreciate cricket and number two is that it is unaware of who Sachin Tendulkar is! Even in the world of ignorance, this is the most unforgivable of crimes. What kind of a country worships the Tom Bradys and Kobe Bryants while living a life bereft of the most engaging sport in the world (especially when India is winning) and of the marvels of nature that play this game with such fluid authority. Maybe the US will catch up eventually but right now it sure has a long way to go!


prateek said...

Back in college, I remember, we had heated discussions on topics ranging from the most inane to ones bordering on the premises of philosophy. It was the final year and every one had his take on what life would be, post Kurukshetra. Some smart chap who had a way with words said, "..it is the beginning of the end of the age of innocence." And it was then that Ajay Sharma quips in, "..oye jab tak Tendulkar India ke liye khelta rahegaa, tab tak toh main bachcha hi rahoongaa." It just struck me then that among things that our generation took as given, like MTV,free speech,IT revolution, coalition governments; Sachin probably fits in right at the top. Hard to imagine that he will retire some day.

Roy said...

Yeah, that's true. Sachin retiring... what a strangely sad thought! :(