Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the road

So this is the good life. On state highway 324 (co-incidentally my roll number from engineering) in the town of Tonawanda in upstate New York, there is a Super 8 motel. It's always quiet at night time except when the trains rumble through on the train track adjacent sending the entire building into convulsions. The hotel is sparsely occupied as winter approaches. The only guests it gets are folks headed for the Niagara Falls (about 15 miles north of here) and end of October is not the most popular time to give the Falls a dekko. The room that me and my parents have taken is in a quieter part of the hotel too where the sounds from the always-on TV at the front desk do not invade.

Here I am blogging away from the comfort of my bed after two stupendous days of checking out the sights and sounds of the Thundering Waters (as the Iroquai called them). The speckled green, orange, red and yellow brilliance of fall only add to the surreal atmosphere. I continue to remain awestruck by its majesty though this is my second visit to the Niagara. What the future holds is too difficult for me to predict but I fervently hope that it is more on these lines. A wonderful new place in the world to explore in the day, a secluded place to rest at night and restless dreams of the next magical day to come on this life on the road.

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