Friday, February 12, 2010

The 10 minute post

It has always been a dream to utilize my time better. At work, a million ideas run circles in my head but by the time I get back home, they are really tired and go sulking in a corner of my mind where my typing hands can't reach. So it is that the corners of my mind are getting a lil' bit too overcrowded and setting time limits on ideas is the best way to get them out of my system.

10 minutes is not too much time but that's all I can really spare at the end of another gruelling day at work. Time enough to venture beyond the headlines, time enough to actually make both sides of the argument and time enough to say something significant it might not be yet a biased opinion makes for much more interesting reading than the boring old middle path. I am not giving up on the middle path yet though. It's just that sometimes in life, you've got to cook something up real quick. It may turn out a little raw or over-spiced, but it still satisfies a very primal hunger. Be it food or thoughts or food for thought, there is some joy to be had out of the quick quenching of desire.


Mahima said...

A better plan, any day, than my de facto plan of waiting for months for that one epiphany to dawn before I write my next post! Though, I daresay, you're doing well enough even without those cornered thoughts in term of sheer frequency ;)

Roy said...

@Mahima: Yeah, beats not writing at all any day, hands down! And no, if all the cornered thoughts needed to be out there, I'd have to quit my job and move to a planet where there are 48 hour days or something!