Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aik re baba! Gheun tak!

As the MNS and Shiv Sena continue their criminal madness and as a result unfortunately continue to drag Maharashtra's name, the image of the "Marathi manoos" and that of historical figures like Shivaji through the mud, for once I am tempted to follow their perverted logic. Lord Shiva lived/lives on Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas, so by default geographical location he is a "North Indian". What now? Your party's name has a "North Indian" connection. Time for a name change?

Who the hell are these people? Mumbai/Bombay (I always will refer it to as Bombay, unless of course I am standing right in front of Mr. Bal Thackeray himself :P) is my favourite city in the whole wide world and I wonder when its current issues of water shortage, clogged transportation and flooding amongst others will be handled, instead trying to drive lakhs of hopefuls on whose backbones the city is built, out of the city. It is quite sad that a state in which great freedom fighters (who were fighting for a liberated INDIA BTW) were born and the seeds of Indian freedom were sown is now the fiefdom of these morons. Or maybe not, because these guys are not even in power!

As far as I am concerned though, the Maharashtrian who really really really really really (X infinity) matters has already spoken. In his quiet, unassuming off-the-field manner, he said "Mumbai belongs to India. I am a Maharashtrian and proud to be a Maharashtrian, but I am also an Indian". For everyone else opposed to his point of view, Sachin's closed fist in the picture above is a broad hint. Aik re baba! Gheun tak!


R I T I said...

That's the only way to gain attention I guess ... just keeping themselves occupied :/.. neways , the ad on or blog shows "chetan books on huge sale" :D

Deb said...

Just spoke to a friend from US. He is perplexed: "Is deciding who is real-Indian, who is a real Bombayite, and so on the REAL issue for the country right now?", he wondered. He just logged on to and the breaking news he found was 'SRK lands in Mumabi'. SO???? Poor guy doesn't know that in a winner-takes-all society that India is rapidly turning into (I thought I read this description about Pakistan only a few years back), SRK needs to prostrate before the big man if he wants his film to be screened at all in his own city.

Only a parallel movement (violent, if necessary) on 'Bombay for all' can save this great city.

Kumar Bibek said...

Shiv Sena, I guess is just not the only one to be blamed. The government is also not doing it's part. Of-course, the Shiv Sena is wrong in it's "Mumbai for Marathi" stand at the first place, but I would expect to see at-least a little bit of intervention from the Central Government.

We might not know the ground realities, or might not be aware of the actual problems the Mumbaikars are facing, but this is definitely not the right way to solve this issue.

I just read an article, which ranks Mumbai as the 8th worst cities in the World to work in (for IT guys). Due to it's traffic, pollution, insecurity, etc. Shiv Sena is least bothered about all this.

Roy said...

@Riti: I know. Ughh! I hate the fact that CB is being promoted through my site!

@Deb: Violence would be severely detrimental to the cause. It's a tool for blockheads like the Sena and the Taliban. Problems do arise, sometimes even real ones, but we need to focus on non-violent ways to solve it.

Roy said...

@Psycho: Ekjactly! Problems may be real but violence is not at all the way to resolve them. Even the Senas know that these 'problems' can never be resolved by violence!