Thursday, February 18, 2010

How am I supposed to live without you :P

I have been guilty of extreme overuse of emoticons like ":P"s, ":D"s and ";)"s etc. It's about time I stopped using them in all of my comments if I want to be taken seriously on any matter! So much so that I have to specifically state that I am not joking just to prove that there was no sarcasm intended. I have been trying quite hard to de-addict myself but so far the attempts have been a disaster.

A buddy of mine (popularly known in our college circuit as the Great Digital Artist :P, Felix Jamestin) once told me that where words do not suffice, use an emoticon. Though I didn't realize the depth of his statement at that moment, I do acknowledge it now. How "I love you :P" means exactly the opposite of "I hate you :P", and if not the opposite, some hidden complicated message just by adding the "Phffffffffffttttt" tongue poking sound of my most favoured emoticon is very very interesting. It's like the written language has added a comic book flavour to it with these, the simplified representation of emotions which carry far more deeper hints to what the person is saying than the words themselves. It's always quite wonderful to have this niggling doubt in the mind, "Did the statement really mean what I thought it meant or was it more like the opposite thanks to the ":D" or the ":P" or the ";)" that followed?" Guessing games are really great fun especially if you end up guessing right!