Monday, March 29, 2010

Old fashioned

If I could have added long Elvis style sideburns to my blog, I would have but since hasn't introduced that feature yet I must be content with fiddling around with some of the default templates which are available. Why after nearly 4 years of reasonably simple existence with a green and white spiral notebook look did my blog feel the need for this makeover, you might ask. Well, in keeping with my post before this one, I was starting to feel a lot more behind the times, even much more than I usually am.

People seem to do the most wonderful things with their blogs. Beautifully colour co-ordinated, strikingly symbolic images stuck onto a carefully selected section of the page, 'Comments' replaced by descriptions like 'Stones chucked into the pool' (The thought pool I assume) and wonderfully evocative names like 'Karmic Soliloquy' - all came together in a cause to make me conscious of the Neanderthal like bareness of my blog. That a handful of them had equally wonderful writing to accompany the visual spectacle of their blogs turned the screw a couple of notches more into my thick caveman hide compelling me to act.

Aesthetic sense is something I have always been hopeless at. Back in the times when we used to write with ink pens at school, I used to compound issues of my squiggly handwriting with my even weirder unique grip on the pen which would ensure that after I finished one line and moved to the next the earlier one would be smudged by my grotesquely twisted hand as I moved forward. The end result was that the white sheet would be half blue in colour by the time I got to the end. Thanks to the keyboard and Google's variety of fonts at least I am saved the trouble of explaining what those blue splashes on the page instead of words meant. I did my best on my blog's new look with the few minutes that I had to spare for this kind of uninteresting activity and indeed that was all the time I was willing to spare.

Being old-fashioned and hard-nosed isn't half as bad in some aspects. When I switch on TV and see Bollywood actors (Guys that is!) flounce about on screen promoting the virtues of spending 1 minute daily in front of the mirror with XYZ beauty cream, I choke back a wave of manly disgust and then laugh like there's no tomorrow. Being crude lends its fair share of hilarious enjoyment even though the laughs might be from the dark confines of a cave hidden away in the forest named "Lack of sophistication". All the same, I think I'll leave the sophistication to the likes of Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor and SRK!


Kunnu said...

the makeover is nice roy!!

And the writing usual!!

Kumar Bibek said...

Dude, Are you not an IT guy? Well, try something. Open up photoshop and draw something. You wont be wasting paper. :) If you are ready to spend some $$, I can help you with that. My blog has a plain black background, with a photo of mine jabbed up on the top. Hehehe, no one seems to complain.

The new look is nice. You can try to change the font. Aah, I remember those handwriting classes back in school. The worst part was, my handwriting was quite good and no one had ever complained, but still I had to attend those boring classes.