Sunday, April 4, 2010


Surfer of winds, teaser of clouds, the city far below as you raced around,
Battles of wit, battles of might, victories from your past no longer surround, 
What remains of the freedom now... just ripped paper and twirling head, 
Where lies the sky sailor now... with steel wire and entwined thread.

Such is the end, is it, of all adventure in life then?
Good enough reason for stagnating in our home-pen?
The kite was a fool, some say, for wishing to fly with the eagles,
Greater fools are they for their dreams never leave the stables.

[BTW this is post number 300 on my blog since it came into existence on June 17th, 2007. Roughly one follower added for every 10 posts then! The progress should have been better of course but then could've been much much worse too. Thanks to all for the occasional comment that has kept me going on this favoured side-project of mine.]


Kumar Bibek said...

Nice. You know what? I think you can make a book out of your blog posts.

But this will cost you some money. :)

Roy said...

@Psychs: Will spend the money if required but not at this stage. Maybe when I reach 1000.