Sunday, May 2, 2010

One for a good cause

In a rather interesting incident in this old town, 3 middle aged Income Tax (IT) officers barged into a flat in the Beleghata area. They were on a raid, they said and handed over the raid authorization papers to the wife of the accused. The accused was out of town that day and the officers went through their usual routine of turning everything in the house inside out. They broke open the almirah to find Rs. 2 crore in cash. Again in true raid fashion, they handed over a receipt of 90 lakh to the lady as the amount of cash they were taking away from the house and marched away with the 2 crores.

Flabbergasted and completely distraught, the targets for the IT raid contacted the police. The police of course turned out to be more interested in how and why were 2 crore rupees in cash at home in the first place. Further investigation revealed that none of the 3 visitors were from the IT department. In fact, the IT department had no plans or information whatsoever for any raid to that particular residence. The authorization papers were of course faked and the raid party of 3 are nowhere to be found! In normal circumstances, I am strictly and seriously against any kind of theft by anyone but in this particular case, I couldn't help spending the whole of this Sunday morning... laughing!

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Kumar Bibek said...

Hahahaha, Poor guy...