Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bharuch reloaded

As I go ahead and get super-nostalgic about the Bharuch chapter of my life for it draws to a close very soon, I want to write about everything and anything that I enjoyed in that little town. And I sheepishly realize that I have already been nostalgic about those things long before the actual date of our moving out of Bharuch was looming on the horizon. Here are some of my favourites amongst the many blog posts that I wrote on the town and my childhood spent in it. Hope that they strike a chord within you too about your hometown in some way or the other.

Here's one on the most precious portion of the steel almirah shared by my brother, sister and me

This one on a physically violent and violently funny incident at recess time in school

About the experiences in and around a local movie theatre, a much frequented haunt for me and my buddies

Of those wonderful cycling trips we friends made around town early on holiday mornings

A little detail on the role of the tamarind tree that stood behind our flat in shaping our childhood 

Of wonderful evenings, days, weeks and months spent on designing paper planes which would fly the farthest

About an unrecognized moment of footballing glory in my severely limited school sporting career

An admission of guilt to the scheming child I was...

I could write all of these posts all over again, gladly... such is the complicated feeling that overwhelms me whenever I think that after the end of June 2010, there will be no more inspiration for new Bharuch stories. All I'll have after that are these memoirs to fall back on and smile at the thought that they really happened.


Kunnu said...

we can always go back to the place once in a while to relive and remember the times that shaped the way we are. I know, its not the same, but there is no point in letting things go, once and for all.

R I T I said...