Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog dreams

All this buzz about "Inception" and its central theme of dreams has got me thinking. What might dogs dream of or specifically little dachshunds dream of? As incredible as it may seem, dogs dream too and if human dreams are sometimes so strange, how strange would a dog's dream be? When my dog is up to something in her dream world, it is quite easy to tell. Look at her and she is fast asleep, curled up in a ball, taking a break from being the guardian  of all items in the house and from being the security personnel in charge of sniffing every incoming visitor but in that sleep state she starts making a soft sound which can best be approximated as "Knip! Knip! Knip!... Knip! Knip! Knip!" as though she is barking away at something deep inside her canine mind.

Does she see her original mom and siblings, not her adopted human family? Or does she dream of being a big dog, a significant physical presence when she ventures out into the street for her daily week as opposed to the long tube with legs persona that Nature has gifted her with? Maybe she fulfills her wish of being able to climb the walls of our house like Spiderman if only to get to the geckos which roam on them and whom she keeps eying with a hunter's intentions never mind the 15 vertical feet of unwalkable air that lie in between. Better still, her most pleasant dream might be to live in a house made of bones. I guess we'll never find out unless someone makes one of those talking collar things that they show affixed on Charles F. Muntz's dogs in that great movie "Up"!

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