Monday, November 21, 2011

Will it, won't it?

As a dog owner walking my dog down the streets of my hometown in India, there is one irritating question that gets thrown at me with alarming frequency. My dog is a tiny dog, a miniature dachshund, at a height of maybe 8 inches off the ground and a long tubular body. That's her in the picture above with her "Won't you please take me to the garden downstairs?" look. Many people assume her to be a puppy while she is almost 4 years old (28 in dog years) and has already long reached her full size, such are the dimensions of her breed.
Now if she were an Alsatian or a Rottweiler, a casual observer wouldn't have been tempted, but given her minute size, folks are overcome by an intense desire to pet her. With their hands waving gingerly above my little dog's head, they will ask me "Kaategaa toh nahin?" [It won't bite, will it?] BTW in case you didn't know, beware of touching the head of any dog you are unfamiliar with, as an introduction. The dog won't like it or allow it. Kids asking this is OK and understandable but when adults act so juvenile, it really gets my goat.
It is very difficult to explain to someone who hasn't been around dogs at some point in their lives that dogs are not purpose built mean biting machines and that they do not randomly sink their teeth into someone just because they feel like it. A human being is much more likely to bite without provocation than is a dog. On days when I am feeling nice, I say "No! No! Why would she?" Other times, I am tempted, really tempted to say with a smirk "Kaategaa toh kaategaa. Mujhe bolkey thodi naa kaategaa!" [If it wants to bite, it will. It won't ask me beforehand, will it?]


Kunal said...

Haha....sahi...kisi ko bola hai kya aisa? :P

This is the 2nd post I have read recently...which compares humans to dogs and puts us below them :P

Roy said...

Ha ha! :P Sometimes dogs are better than humans. Bolaa toh kabhi nahin but like I said, kabhi kabhi was really tempted to.

Kumar Bibek said...

Haha. Kitno ko katwaya hai tune abhi tak.

Whats the name by the way?

That's perhaps the second most common question people ask. :D

Roy said...

@Psycho: Kuttey ki marzi hai. Abhi takk toh kabhi mood nahin aayaa usko!

Her name is Putputti. And that is the second most popular question.