Thursday, August 15, 2013

India first

English: India. Area controlled by India in da...
English: India. Area controlled by India in dark green; Claimed but uncontrolled territories in light green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An India  for all religions. An India  for all regions. An India for all cultures. An India for all philosophies. For if we fail to keep India a place of unprecedented integration and cultural intermingling, we have failed the idea of India, the history of India. Tolerance and peace are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of strength and wisdom. The world needs to learn from us in that respect, not the other way around. India first.
Tolerance and peace for the sake of our multicultural future but not for acts of evil. Passive acceptance of corruption and its extended family of evils must end. Wrong-doers need to be punished irrespective of any affiliations - religious, political or social and do-gooders encouraged. Accountability from the powers-that-be can only be achieved by their collective shaking up by an active citizenry. Our incessant complaints about how our democratic rights are being trampled upon are one half of the story. The real question is have we done enough to fulfill our collective responsibilities? India first.
Confidence. In each individual about their ability to figure it out. Yes, there are problems. Political problems, social problems, economic problems, ecological problems, security problems - the list could be longer but you get the idea. None of them with a straightforward answer. No purpose is served in being terrified of 'foreign' culture to the point of blindness. There is much to be observed and admired in the world around us. What is to be learned must be learned without prejudice. Just another flower in our bouquet of knowledge. India first.
"We will do it together" has a nice ring to it but is wishful thinking, wasting a lifetime waiting for the revolution. Every committed man or woman must be prepared to go it alone as many have done in the past. Self proclaimed God like iron men (not naming any names here) who will wave their magic wand of 'development' to 'fix' all of India's problems optional. India first.

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