Monday, May 19, 2014


STUDENT DRIVER (Photo credit: the past tends to disappear)
It was to be expected from a student driver, the occasional meandering into another lane and the overcautious approach to corners, turning and checking for hidden tigers at the same time. So too was the long line of cars slowed down and stuck behind him, cursing their luck and falsely confident that when they were at this stage, they weren't this bad. 
There's nothing more effective than the Driving School or Student Driver board on a vehicle to add a fully aware, all senses at full alert segment into the most boring of everyday drives even for the most jaded of drivers. A student driver, especially a self proclaimed one is an element of the road who represents a mystery, an unknown quantity in this mostly orderly world. What will he do next, is the question on everybody's mind while they are trying their best to stay out of his 'attack' zone.
Now if a 15 ton, 50 feet long bus has the words "STUDENT DRIVER" emblazoned on it, just imagine the excitement it brings with it on the average aimlessly beautiful Sunday afternoon. Every other driver on the road now has only one concern, how on earth do I get as far away as possible; possibly even the average student driver in a car is trying to do the same thing.
I was one of those other drivers yesterday afternoon and never having seen a bus driver in training before, now realized that everyone has a learning curve to follow! Sure, the notorious bus drivers of India's highways I had known and feared for a long time but I never thought that they too would have had this nervous phase, the time before they became sure that their bus was only an auto-rickshaw and drove it likewise. 

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