Friday, June 2, 2017

Sickular Sanatani I

For I am a proud Hindu... but not of these idiots.

Apples and oranges... ever heard of that one?

Think for a little bit before meming.

Exhibit A: WRT the Yulin Dog Meat festival. Terrible. I love dogs and abhor the idea of eating one. But some people don't. Yet the Chinese government hasn't quoted ancient scriptures to shut down this festival and no Chinese High Court Judge has requested that the punishment for killing a dog be the same as that for killing a man. So... even though I don't like it at all, I won't go around beating up or killing people for it either.

Exhibit B: WRT Jallikattu. Cruel. Because in the name of tradition, torturing an animal for no apparent reason is wrong. It might even be kinder to actually eat the animal than to put it through this kind of needless needling.

Exhibit C: WRT "Mother". Staple food for low caste Hindus, Muslims and Christians for centuries. Food on the table for many poor families. Shut down only because a certain section of our Hindu society doesn't approve of anyone else eating it! How? Why? Who are you to tell me what I should be eating? Hence the protests.

Get it? Oh, but wait. To understand you must put a little thought into why A & B are completely different from C and why there is no hypocrisy involved here. Unfortunately, thinking is such a liberal thing to do.


ALtaF said...

Perfectly written \m/

Roy said...

Thanks! :)