Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Go Gunners!!

Its a great start to the year in many ways but one of the primary reasons for me has to be the fact that Arsenal finished top of the EPL league table at the end of the past year. For the uninitiated, Arsenal is the name of a major English football club. Looking back for reasons why I should be supporting a club with which I couldn't POSSIBLY have any connection, I find a couple of substantial ones.
Number one has to be in a long time ago when I was seeking a path out of the intense torture of being an Indian cricket fan; seeking someone or something which I could relate to and for a change someone who actually won a match or two. Salvation came in the form of the "Invincibles", the awesome Arsenal team with Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg etc etc at their flowing best. In many ways, they were like the Indian cricket team spilling over with talent and yet playing abysmally on occasions. But they were on the right half in terms of win to loss percentages. Since then the age of Thierry Henry has come and gone, and now it seems that its time for Fabregas to don the mantle.

Reason number two for supporting them is that there is a zip and elan in their gameplay, unlike their arch rivals Man U who seem like a bunch of thugs out on a street fight. They are getting scrappy of late but I pray that it'll be only a passing phase at least under the eagle eye of coach Wenger. This team is my kind of hero. They fight fair and look good while doing it. Even loss is a gallant story to tell when they do not stoop to the theatrics that Cristiano Ronaldo and his ilk resort to with such disgusting regularity.


Srinath said...
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Srinath said...

Let me give you a few reasons NOT to support Arsenal
=> You DON'T belong to London
=> NEITHER are you British
=> NOR are you European
So cure yourself of this Anglophilia OR immigrate to Britain... :P