Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hmmph... These Americans are not so adventurous after all

Every reaction that I've been getting in my office for my skydiving adventure is on the lines of:

"I'd never be able to do it!"

"Not my cup of tea..."

"You've got bigger ****s than me!"

and more on such sissy lines.

Shame on you Discovery Channel and A1 (NGC)! For showing all those skydiving documentaries on late night runs. Look at them and you'd be led to think that every American/European is a braveheart with a yen for adventure. Me, I am the bloke from slow & steady nation of India and I'd always thought find like-minded souls in the States thanks to the propaganda by these American TV channels. Apparently not...


Kunnu said...

Difficult to bliv though....or may be American software engineers are not so much adventurous...dats why they are here.... :)

Beanie said... things first...How much did you have to spend??? Well, may be that might be one of the reasons for the Americans not sky-diving a lot. May be they like their beer more than anything else. Haha....

But seriously,I wish I could do it somewhere in India...That will be an experience.