Friday, October 10, 2008


They say that if you are looking for some peace of mind, you should stay away from the sea. The sea is a restless creature and its incessant activity will only make your mind more like itself. Yes, everytime I am on the coast, it does make my priorities go haywire. Be it the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, the Atlantic or the Pacific, standing next to their vastness I am a statue carved out of rock. My mental processes fade into the background as the whoosh of the water rushing into the rocks and the fizz with which it withdraws dominate my senses. It's not a difficult task for me to waste hours of time, sitting on a rock by the sea, thinking and doing nothing.

I love boats and ships (though I have never been aboard a moving ship). I love to stand at the bow no matter how cold the breeze may be and imagine myself to be the captain of the ship/boat heading out for an adventure into the unknown. The sea on the horizon is such a enthralling sight with the  thoughts of the creatures that live beneath the waves and the unexplored lands that lie beyond. The sea is an unread novel and it reads like a completely different story for everyone.

"Moby Dick" is one of my all-time favourites because it captures the wild beauty of life on the sea so perfectly. And also the idea of the central character of a story to be a whale and of Captain Ahab's insatiable craving to hunt it down is unlike any story I've ever read!

Whales! Ah! Whales... One of the most freakish creatures that Nature has created. Living things shouldn't be allowed to be that big! Mysterious giants that plumb the unknown depths of the world's oceans where no light from the sun reaches and the toughest men could never venture into. Whale songs are the most haunting sounds I've ever heard, completing the sense of awe that the earth's huge water bodies command. We may be masters of all the land around us but under the water, it's a different universe ruled by monsters, some benign, some not so! This weekend I look to make my first acquaintance with the lords of the sea when I get out on a whale-watching trip from Boston harbour. It may be only a 3 hour ride into the Atlantic ocean, but it's three hours of ingredients that I relish. The sun, the sea and adventure...

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