Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first Merc (Almost...Maybe) Episode 2

[In continuance with the first episode located just a post below this one]

I went down to the Route 44 Auto Sales again. This time it was to take a ride on the 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL that was wonder of wonders well within my budget.

When the salesman started the V-8, the noise was hardly impressive. It was merely a whisper, a sound so sedate as compared to what I had heard of an V-8 in my imagination. I got into the passenger's seat as the salesman took me along for a spin gratis. He had somehow sensed what my eventual decision was going to be, so I didn't force my case for a test ride.

1,80,000 miles. That's how far this car had been driven since it rolled out of the assembly plant 3 years after I was born. Now that's a long long time ago but today it felt like it was good for 1,80,000 more. It felt like a ghost cruising a few inches above the road that normal cars ran on and when the sales guy pressed on the accelerator, it was being inside a video game. The old engine still had so much juice left in it! It was as close a feeling to heaven as you could get. Back in the day, it was known as the "Porsche hunter" on the German Autobahn. Now I am sure I know why!

As we circled all around a deserted parking lot, the salesman droned on about the magnificence of this car and the legends associated with it, but I did not need anyone else's opinion. For the first time in my life, I felt that something was too good to be owned by me and that I did not deserve it. One day when I am in a job that I love and am somewhat satisfied with who I am, I'll buy one such car. Right now, I just don't feel that I have done enough in life to be worthy of something as exquisite as this. Let her go to someone who can devote his attention to her and treat like the queen she is. I'll just bide my time. Yes, in the future for sure, but only when I am ready! 

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Beanie said...

Geeezzzz...So close.....hmmmm...1987 is too old....Hey..I just remembered that you are a mechie..hihihi...But i am damn sure that your first car would be a damn Maruti or something of that sort..and u ll be idling it along the pot-holed indian roads...