Sunday, December 21, 2008

A fairytale for grown-ups??

I watched "Pan's Labyrinth" yesterday and felt that it'd serve as a good enough reason for this new label on my blog. I had read it's review which said that this movie was a fairy tale for grown-ups. I was mystified by what such a thing could possibly mean. 

The movie has a level of violence so visceral that it is definitely not for kids. Yet how a movie with fairies and satyrs in it cannot be meant for children beats me. The sets and scenes of the little girl's adventures are so imaginatively constructed, but the creatures that she encounters are equally gruesome in a way that offsets the childishness of the concept. The sadistic step-father of the girl Ofelia only adds to the overall grittiness of the movie as he continues on with his blood curdling ways. The haunting lullaby playing in the background as Ofelia's blood drips into the well of the Labyrinth is a typical example of the conflicting worlds routinely brought together in the movie.

I really liked the movie but I scratch my head in vain to figure out the intent of the story. In some sense, it is about a childish hope that a violent death in this world is only a step into a wonderful new life in another world. But if a story is to be made about hope, why not go the whole hog, instead of wallowing about in a sea of conflicting emotions. It's the director's call at the end of the day, and there is no doubting that he made a great movie.


kiwi-slice said...

hi...hmm...this may be kind of weird and random but i just joined blogger, and i kept pressing "next blog" on the top sidebar today, and happened to come upon your blog. The image of Pan's Labyrinth came up and I actually quite like that movie, so I started reading it and your writing skills are amazing! Have you written any books? Won any awards? Are you a journalist?? I read your profile and it says you're an engineer, but from reading your recent blogs, I'd beg to differ. you my friend are a natural born writer! I know I'm a freshman in university who's opinions are probably insignificant to a mature writer, but I've always loved to read and your blog was just so interesting. i skimmed through a whole bunch of your older ones after taking a look at this one. just wanted to let you know :) one of your older posts says that you wonder why you empty out your thoughts onto a blog that is rarely read - well now you can definitely add me to the number of people who have viewed your blog and at the very least found it pretty enticing.

Beanie said...

hmmm...Well, I had seen this movie long time back...I don't think much about the movies after I watch them, so I don't exactly remember everything in much detail. But, I just know this, it didn't bore me.

Just ask Kunnu, and he will give a 2-page review of the movie.

Seems, you are getting more and more new reader, eh!!! Good....

Roy said...

To Kiwi-Slice:

Wow! That's high praise indeed, doesn't matter who it comes from! Thanks!

I'd love to think of myself as a "mature writer" but that'd be a real delusion right now. I'd be hoping to get to that label someday though.

Kunnu said...

I have seen this movie, may be a month back.. and yeah..I can indeed give a 2 page review of it.. :)

Watch 'The Devil's Backbone'. Its a horror movie by the same director and it came before 'The pan's labyrinth'. 'The Pan's Labyrinth' is supposed to be the philosophical extension of the The Devils Backbone. I could not get the link though :P

Neverthless, both are a good watch.