Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow stormed!!!

Yesterday, I was praying for it and today it came in all its billowing white glory. Everyone anticipated it to hit at around 11:00 in the morning. Like a true rock star, the storm kept it's audience waiting till the last possible second. Just when it was about to be pronounced a damp squib, at around 2:00 in the afternoon, the snow storm came tearing down.

I was caught in a flurry of my own, of work crying to be completed. The only updates I got were from people out on the road who kept calling me to get the hell out of office. I kept on working well past my normal end of day. Part of the reason was that I really did have enough work to do and part was that I wanted to hitch a cab ride through the peak of the snow storm. By the time I had finished my daily office chores it was already 6:30 in the evening. My seat does not look out on a window so I had missed the inaugaration of the storm. I stepped out of office to find every available surface covered with inches of snow. And the white fluff was still pounding down with the wind making a hoarse sound like it had caught a cold itself. No other colour would be tolerated in this world except snow white. 

My cab came along and I fulfilled my wish of driving/being driven through the white curtains of snow coming down. Snow plows were actively doing their jobs on the road and we drove slowly but safely back to my house. My cab driver was in the process of informing me of his 30 years experience in cab driving and snowy roads when he drove onto someone's snow blanketed lawns. Apparently he had mistaken it for a road (So much for his 'experience') and a sheepish apology later we were back on the right track.

I couldn't possibly let my snowy encounter end at that. Within minutes of dumping my office laptop at home, a friend and I geared up and walked out into the blizzard. A peg of rum just before starting on this mad caper helped a lot as the chilly wind blared into our ears, cars unintentionally slid all around us like Need For Speed racers us and we waded through knee high snow. The destination was another colleague's house a 30 minute walk away. The promise of hot 'pakoras' kept us going and the deserted look of all the snow packed streets were worth the walk. By the time we reached our host's house, both my friend and me were like walking snowmen. But my peculiar wish of punching my way through a major snow storm (not just whiling it away in the comfort of a heated home) was spectacularly fulfilled.

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