Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The future

What will the future be like? Different stories and movies tell of different fates. Will we have flying cars and teleportation? Or will it be a planet of ruins with fires burning all around and mobs of starving people scrapping for the last bits of oxygen and food? Thought reading machines are as much likely to be a reality in the future and colonies of clones. The possibilities are endless, sometimes terrifying, sometimes tantalising. The human race does not deserve to end on this tiny speck on the vastness of the universe. We are capable of going so much farther, rule the universe one day like we do the earth. But again will we allow ourselves to see that glorious stage when the universe will literally be our playground or will we wipe ourselves out over petty notions of nationality and religion long before it. I am an optimist for today and I get a warm fuzzy feeling if I turn the clock forward to the time to come.

It's an awesome feeling to have just thinking what our future might hold. Floating cities in the sky and on water, that 70% more real estate for us to build our living spaces on. Spaceships heading out to a neighbouring galaxy just like a bus going from Bombay to Pune. The earth could be like a city locality long past its prime where only the unlucky got left behind. Artists and poets of the future would express their nostalgia about the good ol' days when we all lived as one planet little knowing the animosity that we bear for each other today. Buildings, contraptions and robots that defy the sometimes limited imagination capability of a today's human beings would be a dime a dozen. Immersive interactive 3D entertainment and radical new sports like air-boarding would be the trends of the day much like I-Pods and their ilk are today. Food would be likely be a luxury of the rich as an alternative set of nutrition pills would serve the needs of the not so well-to-do people. Pop one in and be all set for the day. No one has seen the future and don't believe any astrologers who claim to have done so. We will continue to be our silly, sentimental selves for as long as we exist as a species so there goes the factor of predictability right out of the window. The only thing certain about the future is that it will be what we make of it, a brave new world so within our combined grasp.

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