Friday, January 23, 2009

Alter ego

In the grim reality of daylight, I am the regular office worker beavering my way through the mountain of deadlines, tasks, issues and all such varieties of soul skewering activities. I have a multitude of bosses in a variety of guises to answer to for things which are really far beyond my powers. Of course, there is no way to make this point clear to them so it is standard practice to just let it be.

Come night time, and I am the emancipated creator. The unrivalled king of my domain in cyberspace free to in ramble on any random subject that infects my oscillatory mind. Little do my daytime adversaries know whom they are crossing swords against. But I do not ruminate on a gremlin atop a skyscraper neither do I enter the closet to don a flashy new uniform. I think and write about the unfamiliar yet inexplicably comforting alleys of my thoughts. In these dark streets, I am the only one who has no cause for fear.


Mahima said...

Honored to be an acquaintance, BlogMan, or whatever it is you decide to christen yourself. One suggestion though: Please please please don't don a cape! :P

Roy said...

Damn! How did you figure out my cryptic post! I guess I'll not announce it on my blog next time. [:P]

Mahima said...

Yeah, I know.. That's what sucks about secret identities - They are meant to be kept.. well.. secret! :D