Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Part Deux

9 months is always a significant number as far the human being is concerned. It's hard to bring up that period of time and not endure any snide remarks. The 9 months that I am concerned is the duration of the second chapter of my USA stint. I was in the middle of devouring steak tips at a farewell luncheon financed by a Pakistani friend when the final confirmation of this changed itinerary came. My flight on Saturday out of Boston stands cancelled and although my mind was somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean already, I must fish it back to this country. Barack Obama took his Presidential oath today and his anti-outsourcing stance seems well on the way to implementation as the guy whose job I am going to take up could not get his US Visa stamped on his Indian passport. Thus a historic day for the entire world bore significant personal importance for me too. Part Deux gives a new lease of life to potential trips headed in the direction of the Grand Canyon, Washington DC, LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and all such heavyweight names to which I could not pay attention during my first stint. The first stint of 7 months was over and my heart was set for home. But now, these 9 months have joined in like an unwanted baby. May I be a man reborn at the end of this trip. It's late at night but there is never any end to my fanciful daydreams of travel.


Kunnu said...
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Kunnu said...

Mixed feelings..huh?

I know, you are not complaining!!

ingit said...

well, for those of us who are sad at this news: Look at the brighter side, Lonely Planet a la Roy just got a second season on air. I hope you do an Ian Wright impersonation :P