Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My apologies, Las Vegas

I haven't even left for Vegas and here I am eating up my own words from my first post about Vegas. A single website has already told me that Vegas is much bigger than just gambling and strip clubs. I just jotted down 3 awesome car museums cum showrooms to go to. There are super insane roller-coasters or wild rides to get on, so that's another thing that floats my boat. Not to mention the spectacular exhibits/shows over which I am having a tough time making a choice. Plus in the hectic 2 day schedule, I am cramming in a trip to the majestic Grand Canyon too. Boy oh boy, what a weekend is to follow! And my apologies in advance for any misconceptions that I had about the city. It's best to own up right now that I was wrong in my assumptions, yet again!

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