Thursday, February 26, 2009

The namesakes

For long I took secret pleasure in the fact that my name was uniquely long and rare. Anyone who'd possess the capability to memorize it would definitely remember it for the rest of their lives. In a world tired of Amits, Abhisheks and Rajeshes, a Anuranjan stood alone and unique. The only other Anuranjan I had ever seen was a Anuranjan KT, a member of the JCT Mills hockey team back in 1994-1995. Not exactly my ultimate ideal but at least he was on TV. So there were two Anuranjans, one on TV and one growing up to be on TV. Or at least so I thought.

The first tremor came when I got an invitation to join the "My name Anuranjan"(sic) community in Orkut. I promptly turned it down. I mean what's the point of joining a community with 2-3 people anyway? I go on it to find there are 11 guys by the name that I hold so dear on Orkut alone. Most of them seem to be from Bihar too, barring the Rajasthani who started the community. Never mind then the millions of non-tech savvy Anuranjans around the country. 

The uniqueness of my identity bruised, I turn to Google "ego search" to establish that at least I am the most important Anuranjan around. I type in just my first name, and I have to scroll through 12 pages to get to the first page that even mentions me. And shame of shames, it's not my blog, or my writing contest win that is featured even so deep down the unimportant links list. It's a YouTube video of me making somewhat of an ass of myself playing golf (A momentary lapse of reason from my trip to California). Boo hoo!

Shattered in spirit, I look at all the other Anuranjans who have stolen my limelight. There's a Dr. Anuranjan Bisht, who's a MD in Psychiatry in Nevada somewhere. He must be handling casino crazed clients from Vegas then. There's a Anuranjan Jha, who is/was a Ph.D student and now works in Silicon Laboratories in Austin, Texas. He's the lucky ***tard who got the '' ID. My venomous stares at him then. Then there's a female Anu Ranjan, some kind of socialite in Bombay who's all over the place having celebs 'party' at 'her place' and attending 'Anti Pakistan artist' meets. Yes, I don't know what that extraordinary class of artists means either!

But there's one Anuranjan who seems to be more like my long lost brother from the Mahakumbh. His name is Anuranjan Pegu, and he says that he is a graphic designer. His synopsis of himself is what confirms my blood relations to him. It goes "Anuranjan Pegu - The king of vague". Now that's an interesting one, that is!


Kunnu said...


have a blast at vegas...

R I T I said...

that was a good read !:)

Anuranjan said...

Hello namesake and "long lost brother", this is the 'King of vague' indeed...very nice to meet you and I found you just the way you found the rest of the Anuranjans. Oh, and I am neither Bihari nor Rajasthani! ;)..I am the luck ***tard who got only other Anuranjan that I have met is also a graphic designer in the same city!! Talk about coincidences! Also, coincidental is that this was written exactly a year before my birthday this year! superb!