Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Duke

It's not something that would haunt most people's dreams but it does mine. This weekend I saw it again emerging out onto Route 44 on it's way back from Boston. An orange beast of fabled power and striking aggression, it dwells in the industrial town of Raynham where I have been going to work for the past 10 months. Yet it's been 10 months I've seen it last but my awe of it remains the same. Multiple winner of the extreme Paris-Dakar desert rally and the most graphic illustration of the words "DREAM BIKE" if there ever was one. 

It's like the beautiful woman whose single glimpse makes your day yet unlike a woman it is laughable to link words like 'delicacy' or 'grace' to it. It is a raw creature of nature, of unbridled power the hunger for which can only be satiated by getting astride it. It's a modern day miracle, and despite there being motorcycles much more powerful and more exclusive than it, it's the one machine I'd take on the biggest odds to possess. The object of my deepest machine-linked obsessions, it's the KTM Super Duke in orange. No, I don't think any other colour would do!

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