Monday, April 20, 2009

Graveyard hopping

This Saturday as I marched along the Freedom Trail through Boston, we came across 3 ancient graveyards. Though things might get creepy there in the dead of night, in daytime I find graveyards to be really beautiful places especially old ones like these. The weathered head stones mourning people who have departed this world so long ago that these stones are the only link that they have with the living world. Some of the stones are cracked or leaning at impossible angles indicating that their time to return to their maker has come too. The inscriptions on some of them are eroded to the point of being ghosts, spirits of the commemorative words that were once engraved on them.

A particularly striking graveyard on the Trail is the Copp's Hill Burying Ground, nestled on a steep hill slope overlooking the river and neighbouring Charlestown. It was a bright afternoon and the cheer and the sunniness seemed to have spread amongst all that were exploring the graveyard, mostly tourists like us. So this is where it all  ends, said the agnostic bits of our inner selves. From the earth we were born and to the earth shall we return.

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