Monday, June 22, 2009

Shadowed by an angel

I was driving down to Braintree on Route 24-N, a dark mood weighing down my mind. My very first car, a used green 1997 Honda Civic which I had purchased with so much enthusiasm and a sense of achievement had turned out to be a heartbreaker. Within 2 weeks of taking possession of this car, I was on my way to return it to the used car dealer who had sold it to me and claim a full refund of the purchase cost. The Civic had seemed perfect on the outside and for a while ran like a dream. But very soon, there began significant clatters in the car and a Massachusetts Vehicle Inspection revealed that she had serious problems in her heart, the engine. What had seemed like the killer deal was now revealing many a skeleton in the closet.

So I rolled the windows down and turned the radio up old listening to my favourite station 94 HJY, trying to drown my disappointment in the pumped up guitars as I drove my first love for the the final time. After a few minutes on the highway, I looked up into the rearview mirror and found myself looking at a white Rolls Royce Phantom. It was a cloudy Saturday but to me it was as if the sun had come out. She continued to trail behind me, this phantom in white floating as it were on the same road that lesser vehicles like mine noisily grated their tyres on. There was no sense in holding up this divine creature so I slowed down to let her drift by. But she persisted in her chase slowing down too, to continue soothing me by her exquisite presence. Right upto when I took the exit 20-A for Randolph/Braintree, she continued to tail me, a constant presence at the forefront of my mind despite physically being behind me.

I was sad no longer. The heavens had given me a clear sign that in life there is always something better to come!
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