Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come together

Hmm... I just can't seem to get the darned travel forum off my mind. Jeff Greenwald, one more of the travel luminaries at the forum, is another name which I hadn't heard of before Friday morning but within a few hours of hearing him talk, am now a devoted follower of. A journalist cum travel writer he has forayed far and wide into fields ranging from Buddhism to Star Trek and here is an interesting incident from his past.

Assigned to interview Arthur C. Clarke, the legendary science fiction writer, Jeff posed the greatest political problem of all to the author and asked him for what might be a possible solution. "What could bring all this fighting and feuding between fellow human beings to an end and bind us all together as one?" The answer was a very natural one for a science fiction writer but truer words have never been spoken. Arthur's answer "Only an invasion by the Martians."

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