Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not another social networking tool (and another)

I recently received an invite for the 'new' Orkut (Which looks just like 'old' Facebook BTW, but is a lot more uglier if that were possible), followed closely by a request to 'wave' with Google Wave. On both these occasions, I convinced myself that I needed to get in touch with real people in the real world and not pal around with old friends from the past on virtual railway platforms. I did not need to spoil the surprise of meeting a person after 20 years accidentally at an airport by already knowing that he was in town, in fact knowing the last 10 towns/countries he had been to and all the ups and downs of his mundane or hopefully not-so-mundane life through methodically boring updates.

Needless to say, within a very short while I re-convinced myself to overcome my previous convictions about their un-necessariness and signed up for both these opportunities of online tomfoolery. If I hadn't FBed my life away already, I was going to 'new' Orkut it into disaster or drown myself trying to ride the next Google Wave. Borrowing from a popular group activity of Facebook lamenting the lack of enthusiasm/drive in one's life or celebrating an abundance of rotten luck, FML (which for the uninitiated expands to 'Expletive with an F' My Life)!

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