Sunday, April 25, 2010

A case for dirt

Since I bought my laptop from the now defunct CircuitCity store in Taunton sometime in early July 2008, it has seen a lot of action. An infinite number of Netflix movies, hours of Mafia Wars clicking on Facebook, social networking and blogging on a scale that its HP designers had not envisioned in their worst nightmares, and a plane journey from the USA to India - all were part and parcel of my laptop's past history. All the complaining it ever did was popping out the 'F' letter from its keypad once every week or so, probably wanting to scream the 'F' word at me! I'd pop it right back in and ignore the lack of maintenance activity that it was begging for.

Since that day when it left in a cardboard box from the store and came out into this grime filled world, it hadn't seen a physical cleaning operation. Food stains from my various experiments in the kitchen while I lived alone in the US, a permanent thin layer of dust, and finger marks all over the LCD display were all milestones from its close to 2 years of existence. The wipe-up of my grossly over-utilized machine was always on my things to do but I never really got around to it until yesterday. That I used Colin, a glass cleaning liquid to restore it to a pristine, shiny, new condition may have something to do with it but within a couple of minutes of my cleaning up operation, my lappie stopped working. I had to restore it to some back-up condition from 4 months ago. For a few minutes, I did think that it was lost to me... forever. I was reminded then of the current ad slogan of a very popular clothes washing detergent which keeps playing on TV. "Daag acche hai!" a.k.a "Stains are good!"


Kumar Bibek said...

Hahaha, Glass cleaners are meant for glassy surfaces. Laptops need something else. Contact me if you want to know. :P

Roy said...

@Psychs: So what do they need?