Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It can wait...

A dusty end to a long long day, the ride back home through half-way,
So hot and still the evening air, fumes from vehicles seemed easier to bear,
A TV and a fan the primal needs, poor rewards though for daily heroic deeds,
Momentary desires do really suck, stuck as you are between a bus and a truck!

Then comes a gust, a cold cold breeze,
A giant freezer opened to douse peaking unease,
The rains have come a calling, somewhere in close quarters,
The wind just a messiah, of approaching relief waters.

The drops begin to fall, fat, round on roofs, tarps and laces,
Little circles of joy they form on long parched faces,
Rolling drumbeats of redemption play in my helmet's spaces,
Like everything else right then, singing of life's myriad phases.

It can wait, the four walls of safety, while the world is washed over,
It can wait, the call of mundane duties, when the clouds come down closer,
It can wait, fear of the dark, a blaze of lightning exposes all lying in wait,
It can wait, the life ordinary, when Nature sets up another perfect date.


Ashish said...

last stanza is super, roy!! keep it up..

Roy said...

@Ashish: Thanks buddy! Once again, is this Rajhans?

Ashish said...

Once again, yes ;)