Saturday, January 8, 2011

Readjusted estimates

Until as recently as 5 years ago, I was blessed with the gift of a no-trace-of-fat-or-muscle-retained stick thin figure despite an insatiable appetite especially at job treats, electric heater aided room cooking sessions and farewells that lay thick and fast across the duration of the third and final year calendars at engineering college. The most common question put to me tinged with a trace of shock then as the pile of chicken bones grew thick and fast around me (sometimes even the bones were not to be wasted) was "How can you eat so much? Where does it all go?"
Then came the 4-5 years of lounging around in front of a computer screen at office and it was only on this Thursday that I understood the full social impact of my inactivity based physical transformation. A colleague was in his last week of work before his transfer to another location and he had taken us, his soon-to-be-ex team members out to lunch. I wasn't quite hungry and post college, my appetite had really gone down from an equivalent of 100 to 5 but as the future event will suggest, my appearance may be reflecting an opposite trend. Though it was a buffet, I opted for just a single helping of all the items on the tables. As I was winding up the meal with two scoopfuls of icecream and gulabjamuns, three different people at my table had exactly the same question for me. This question maintained the element of shock in it. Except for the fact that now the question was "Aapkaa ho gayaa?!! [Are you done?!!]". Darn it!
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Kumar Bibek said...

Hahaha, Yeah, I have been noticing that for a long time, but didn't mention it since I didn't want to offend a healthier and muscular Roy. I could have easily lifted you up with one hand, back in college days, but now, from your photos, you look demonous. :D

Kunnu said... worries...dude..
almost sab ka yehi haal hai..

Roy said...

@Psychs: Thanks, !@#$%... :)

@Kunns: Isliye tujhpe cycling kaa bhoot sawaar huaa hai, hain? :P

Kunnu said...

@Roy - mujh par cycling ka bhoot to sawar ho gaya, par main cycle par sawaar na ho saka..(a long,sad and unfortunate story)..
Goa plan was cancelled.. :(