Monday, May 18, 2009

Fleeting hope

This Monday on my way to work, I was seated in the passenger seat up front in the cab. It's been nearly a year in the US for me and the first place that is telling is on my face. My face has assumed a rotundity it had never seen since it was a baby. All the comforts of a first world lifestyle and the the lack of enthusiasm for the fitness craze around me had to tell somehow. For the past couple of weeks though, I have finally realized the need to take things under control and so have worked on a rag-tag fitness regime to bring agility back into my life.

So I look into the right hand rear-mirror on my side this fine Monday morning and am pleasantly surprised by the rapid results of my pro-activeness. I see in the mirror a small and decidedly leaner face looking back at me. "There you go", I think to myself "That wasn't too hard!". Then I read in almost invisible letters at the bottom of this pleasant reflection of mine 'Objects in mirror are closer than they appear'. Darn them, stupid convex mirrors!


etymofreak said...

Having had a rotund face all my life I can sympathize.

R I T I said...

ha ha h a :)