Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long long drive

For all the trouble that my wish is causing I might as well have gone sky-diving again. It's just a simple wish, of a 713 mile long drive from the East coast to the American mid-west, Detroit MI, home to the Mustang, the Corvette and the Charger. People all around me and on the phone are as shocked as if I have volunteered to drive an Israeli military truck past the headquarters of Hamas with George W. Bush as my only co-passenger. This is no monumental achievement of mankind, a 12 hour drive is far too commonplace. People have survived the trip without dozing off at the wheel and so will I.

Folks want to me to fly to Detroit and save myself the 'stress'. What an insult to the ailing erstwhile car capital of the world! Fly in? Hmmph! This is America the first nation in the world to fall in love with that wonderful thing called the automobile and build a network of heavenly roads just to keep the passion in this love affair burning. And if a long mildly curvy highway, an engine murmuring with pleasure at being coaxed to its upper limits and unfamiliar places & names flashing by while Dire Straits mumble their magic out of the sound system qualifies as 'stress', the much misunderstood word needs to be restored to its original glory in the thesaurus- in the company of words like heaven, happiness and satisfaction which are pro-actively pursued by every man yet achieved by so few. It's a pity they never asked me of the path to salvation.

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