Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where are the aliens when you need them?

When things are getting too tough on a particular day or when there are so many chores to complete on a weekend that I actually wish it were a working day, I pray for an event that would render all these activities irrelevant. Of course it never happens. Stuff that Hollywood regularly churns up like a gigantic dinosaur looking at me through the window while I brush my teeth, or a spaceship hovering just above our office parking lot would be such a life-saver. I definitely wouldn't give a thought to mundane requirements like keeping a job or doing laundry when my very existence or even my planet's was at stake.

I can't imagine my boss giving me an earful for not submitting that report in time when he looks out at the hovering orbs and sees little green things take their first curious steps on earth. Or that someone would really notice that my clothes were stinky when the hot breath of a T-rex comes steaming in through the window. Besides with all that raw meat that those things eat, it's hard to expect any delectable smells coming from those rows of terrible teeth. Life is definitely in need of more excitement. As Calvin succinctly put it "Reality continues to ruin my life!". 


Illeen said...

you actually think like him :)

Roy said...

Are you then accusing me of having a mental age of 6?... Thank you!