Saturday, September 15, 2007

My favourite sin

Just by writing down this article, I refrain myself from committing my favourite sin all over again. Much as I love writing, if there is one thing that I love more then its just got to be lazing around. Without a care in the world, aimless wandering of the mind, a total waste of time kind of sloth Hardly requires any skill or effort so its wins as my most preferred hobby hands down.

Week after week, I open my blog to see an ever decreasing number of posts in my name and a drought of comments. I grit my teeth at those insensitive friends of mine who don't egg me on to write, but the reality is that it gives even further excuse to be slothful. I write because I like the feel of the pen on paper but its nothing compared to the warmth of an alluring bed under a fan going full blast. And when the pressure is really on with tremendous shortage of time, just to chuck it all away and close my eyes. Ahhhhhh! If there is heaven on this earth; it is there, it is there, it is there!