Friday, December 25, 2009

One more for the ages

The urge to make resolutions is hard to ignore
Though the past has seen breaches galore,
The age-old sun rises just the same
Still must we play this pointless game.

This day is different, you see, not like the ones before
It's a new calendar, you fool, right down to the core,
Why then is life unchanged, frame for repetitive frame
Is there self-deception, a mass hypnosis to blame?

Seeing past the frenzy, bringing logic to the fore
Hope's house needs refurbishment, rooftop to the floor,
Slaves to routine we are, no matter how we strain
A stop we need, to hop off this slow moving train.

Worries and fears, only deeper will they bore
Joy and laughter, strictly rationed is their store,
The road retains its mystery, the destination stays unknown
Pause we must to ponder, to paint time in a suitable tone.