Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Just received what would have to be the best compliment I've had in my life yet, albeit accidentally. Wandering about the Eastern Command Sports Stadium, I was revelling in the sights and sounds of all the beauties on display at the annual Statesman Vintage Car Rally. I came around to a particularly attractive group of cars with two Jaguars and a Rolls Royce on display. And to add to the magic, a really pretty lass, owner of this group of cars was floating around them exactly at the time I got there. She was dressed in a period costume to match with the cars, and it was a combination made in heaven. As I stood close to a 1938 Jaguar SS convertible (Pic below) admiring it from close range, a most pleasant coincidence came about. I swear that exactly then I was only admiring the car and she really was an exotic machine.

A middle aged man, camera in hand came up to me. With a real earnest look on his face, he asked "Son, can I sit inside your car and have my picture taken?". Pleased as punch and honest as ever, pat came my reply "Sorry, it's only for display!". She was visibly taken aback at this travesty but it was very hard to miss the humour in the situation. I smiled, and then she smiled and suddenly the world seemed so very bright! OK OK, honest that I am condemned to be, my imagination may have been playing tricks on me as regards only the 'then she smiled' part of this narrative, but the rest of it is as it happened on the ground!

Check out some more pictures from the rally.