Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reality check

The first thing that I did when I got my laptop was to open up MS Paint. The evidence above strongly suggests that my drawing skills haven't progressed much since I was 5 years old! That however is beside the point. I was overcome with an insatiable wish to put the bright new LCD to an auspicious first use. So in was plugged an optical mouse and my favourite creature from the tales that I loved in my childhood found its way into my hard drive as the first file in my documents. I found that I was thrilled at the fact that once upon a time I was such an undemanding fool that doing a simple thing like this brought me unmitigated and unjustifiable happiness. To think that now I want money and fame and power and all that every man so fervently desires. I first laughed at my naivety, at this long lost ability to gain pleasure out of nothing more than a pen and a paper and the able support of my curiosity charged imagination. Then I thought deep and hard if I had really changed that much along the way. The answer to my utter relief turned out to be a resounding 'No'. There is no greater joy than the ability to do something that has no on-the-face value but is priceless in the way it gives vent to my whims. There is nothing that I enjoy more than to pick a random thought that goes trapezing through my mind and give it an expression however immature and raw it's final form it may be. My happiness lies in breathing life into my thoughts and I hope I can make it stay that way to the end of my days.