Thursday, December 3, 2015

Song of the open road

Can you hear it too, this song quite old?
Its tune too clear for cubicles to hold
Long days at work, evenings stuck to a chair
The music... it's louder now, but at a screen I must stare.
Swipe... 'cause there are stories yet to be told,
Misty mornings, mystery houses, chaa-singharaa in the cold
Swipe... 'cause of extra duties beware one must be,
Like brooks & birds, for once, glide without a care.
This song is false, so don't get sold
The 'practical' me whispers
But there's mountains & forests & oceans
The wise man counters
You sure you don't have a weekend to spare?
If you hear it... by now you do, let restless shoes lead the way
Live and dream and sing forever the song of the open road.