Monday, March 23, 2020

A Quiet Place

Before COVID-19 denies me access to a beautiful part of my (almost) daily routine for at least the next 7 days, the trail shines in all its filtered sunlit glory. Some may accuse me of having posted very similar pics in the past but I just can't help it. If not anything else, it's a reminder to me that there exist some things I can never tire of.

What does tire me is the infantile stupidity of "Humanity is the virus and COVID-19 is the cure" and of the pseudo-science/patriotism being peddled (read forwards which promote mantras with virus killing vibrations or claim that plate banging equals a Siachen soldier's duty).

COVID-19 should not be cause for pointing Facebook fingers at "greedy" humans. The most at danger are our most weak & vulnerable - the poor, the old, the infrastructurally challenged. Wishing for their death is just casual Facebook psychosis. Neither should it be treated as a free pass to racism ala Kung-Flu and other such monikers.

We are a wonderfully capable species on an extraordinary planet, problem/solution in our lab/home. The mad urge to bang plates could be much better redirected towards some quiet introspection. To listen to the birds and the breeze, to pay attention to the sea inside our minds.