Cambodian Cahani

My blog series on my December 2016 visit to the mysterious magnificent mystical land of Cambodia is centralized here.


Cambodia's golden period of history in the 1300s was exemplary when its cities were truly the greatest in the entire world while on the opposite side of the spectrum, its recent history was exceptionally horrifying when it was ravaged by the worst among Communist dictators

Having survived the latter and having been the source of the former, they are a people who have seen it all and yet have retained a level of optimism unexpected after such national trauma. But there they are, smiling and peaceful and cheerful, proving to the world that there is always a possibility of recovery.

*Stampede* At Dawn: "Because if you find yourself at Angkor Wat at dawn and can only complain about the *crowds*, you are looking in the wrong direction."

***More episodes of this series to come soon***

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